ELIZABETH ETIENNE: 23 yr. veteran pro photographer, author, mentor, and fine artist.

From the cobblestone streets of Paris, to the sandy beaches of California she now calls home, the photography career of Elizabeth Etienne has led her around the world and back. She attributes both her French-American up-bringing and her many years living in Paris shooting editorial portraits, music, film stills and fine art to giving her work a unique, Euro-American, cinematic stamp that is hers alone.

Award winning and published in numerous magazines, Elizabeth Etienne is best known for her vintage style imagery. These timeless images as well as her contemporary lifestyle photos can be found in many ad campaigns, stock libraries, published books and Fine art galleries. In 1989 she graduated with honors from the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. After more than 20-years shooting, she’s one of the rare photographers who can do it all!

In 1999, Elizabeth Etienne started an internship program and private consulting business to counsel young photographers on everything from shoot production planning and technical tips to portfolio presentation and photo business negotiations. After witnessing so many of her peers, talented photographers themselves, fall by the wayside, she was inspired to help others pursue their dreams to become successful photographers.

It wasn’t long before Kodak executives took notice of Elizabeth’s work. In January 2009, she, along with 14 other top world photographers (including National Geographic’s Steve McCurry), was invited to become an elite member of Kodak’s Advisory Board.